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A series of 30 tutorial videos, we did for Indiefolio.​

About the course


Presenting IndieFolio’s course for aspiring freelancers! Learn everything you need to know about starting a freelance creative business. The course includes industry insights in the form of quick bite sized videos so you don’t have to waste hours learning but spend that time on growing your creative business!


Client - Indiefolio Network

Client Representative - Kavan Antani
Production House - Curious Men Films

Produced by - Avijit Khanwilkar
Directed by - Ritesh Varma and Aniruddha Khanwilkar
Director of Photography - Ritesh Varma
Edited and Packaged by - Ritesh Varma
Cast - Aniruddha Khanwilkar

Chief A.D. - Abhishek Kumar

Hair & Makeup - Bhavesh Ashtankar

Sound Design - Vaibhav Dewangan

Music By - Epidemic Sounds

We’re Curious Men, a creative FILM studio crafting top-shelf work for bold brands and the entertainment industry
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