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fast & up reload

A super-paced commercial we did for Fast & Up India. 

Fast & Up Reload - You Lose Electrolytes every time you sweat which can lead to fatigue and exhaustion. This impacts your overall performance and workout rhythm. Hydrate yourself with Fast&Up Reload for instant hydration and energy to perform like a champion. Fast&Up Reload is India’s 1st low sugar


Client - Fast&Up India

Client Representative - Vatsalya Khanna
Production House - Curious Men Films

Produced by - Avijit Khanwilkar
Directed by - Ritesh Varma and Aniruddha Khanwilkar
Director of Photography - Bhuwan Joshi
Edited and Packaged by - Ritesh Varma
Cast - Priyanka Khatri | Raghav Tiwari

Chief A.D. - Abhishek Kumar

Hair & Makeup - Bhavesh Ashtankar

Voice Over - Suyash Mohan

DI - Bhuwan Joshi

Sound Design - Vaibhav Dewangan

Music By - Epidemic Sounds

We’re Curious Men, a creative FILM studio crafting top-shelf work for bold brands and the entertainment industry
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